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how to bet online responsibly

Online betting can be so much fun and you can enjoy it immensely and earn some extra money while you do it. Yes, online gambling is fun but only as long as you enjoy it responsibly. If you’re not familiar with the guidelines of responsible gambling we’re here to introduce you to the most important of them. In this article you’ll learn how to enjoy your favorite online activity and avoid spiraling out of control.

Online betting is very entertaining and it can be quite profitable for some as well. It can also very quickly turn into something you cannot control as it’s highly addictive. If it turns into an addiction both your life and your finances will be at risk.

If you don’t want to turn into a gambling addict and ruin your life, we recommend you follow the principles of responsible gambling. If done properly, legal gambling and online betting can be just another really fun activity you enjoy in your free time.

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What’s responsible betting?

what’s responsible betting

In simple terms, responsible betting is all about making sure that when you bet on sports or in casinos, you don’t allow for any negative consequences to your personal life and budget. It’s all about ensuring that you do it for fun and enjoyment and not let it become an unhealthy habit that threatens to ruin your life.

If you want to make sure you’re betting responsibly here are 10 betting tricks you can follow and not worry about it becoming an addiction. As long as you follow them to the T, you’ll never have to worry about your betting or gambling habits.

  • Understand that online betting is just a hobby, not a way of earning money

You should never consider online betting as your primary source of income. It’s true that some professional punters have managed to build a profitable career in gambling, it’s still not advisable t look up to them and hope you’ve found a shortcut to financial well-being. Just stick to the fun and enjoyment and let the professionals play in the big leagues. Just don’t let it become your life and you’ll be OK.

  • Never bet with money you don’t have

I think this is a no-brainer, but let’s leave it here just in case. You’ll be surprised to hear that many people don’t actually follow this rule and end up losing money they haven’t earned yet. You should only bet or gamble when you can comfortably allow it.

Never gamble on credit cards or loans, it will be the end of you and your life as you know it. Before you even realize it, you’ll be in so much debt that you’ll want to play another round to win it back but you’ll just end up burying yourself even deeper.

  • Create a betting budget and don’t overstep it

You can start with a monthly or weekly budget and distribute it over the days you want to bet on. Make sure you place your bets within these set limits and never expand them. Sticking to them will give you a sense of control and you’ll know that you’ve only spent as much money as you’ve planned to.

  • Bet on the sports you know well

It’s always a good idea to start betting on the sports you watch and know inside out. For example, if cricket is your thing bet on it. You already know all the teams, you watch the games and you know the players. This is the kind of knowledge that can help you make the right bets and maximize your profit. Responsible gambling is all about making predictions based on experience and knowledge.

  • Don’t let your emotions guide your betting

Betting on sport can often get you carried on. You probably have a favorite team and whenever you bet on them you’d like them to in. But this doesn’t mean that they’re going to win every single time, even if they’re good. You need to focus on the statistics and let your logic guide you, not your emotions. It’s always a good rule of thumb to skip your team when betting and bet on others.

It’s a good idea to keep a good record of your bets in order to see your betting habits and make sure it doesn’t get out of control. After a while, you will be able to see exactly how much money you’ve spent, how much you’ve lost and how much you’ve won. You’ll see a pattern emerging and you’ll be able to create a sound betting strategy.
If you don’t keep track of these things, you’ll easily lose control over your budget and the amount of money you spend or lose.

  • Don’t gamble under influence

It’s never a good idea to gamble when drunk or under the influence of any other substance. Your mind will be clouded as will your judgment and you’ll probably end up making decisions you’ll later regret.

It’s OK to drink a beer or two when you’re watching your favorite team play, but if you plan on betting it’s best if you do it completely sober. You need your critical thinking to make good bets which will hopefully earn you money.

  • Don’t let superstition guide your bets

We all know that we do it from time to time. We hope that our lucky t-shirt will help our team win or that our lucky pen will help us pass the exam. Superstition is not bad in itself, but we don’t recommend you rely on it too much. The only thing that can help you win when you’re betting is tour logic and your reason. Know the game, learn the statistics and analyze your bets. It’s the only thing that can increase your profits, not luck or fortune. ù

This is probably the biggest mistake most gamblers make. If you suffer a loss you need to learn how to let it go and not chase after it and hope to win it back.

Gambling is a risky sport, you can win big or lose big, it’s all in the mix. If you do end up losing you need to pick yourself up and if your budget allows it try again. But never, and I mean never, try to win back what you’ve lost.

Many players think that if they just put a little bit more money on their next bet they’ll be able to win back what they’ve lost and more. But this chase after your losses will strip you off your money sooner than you realize.
You need to understand that gambling is about losing as much as it is about winning. Don’t obsess over a loss, deal with it and move on. You’ll win next time.

  • Recognize your problem if you have one

And lastly, responsible gambling is all about recognizing a problem if there is one and accepting it has become an addiction, something you can no longer control.

If you’ve started spending more money than you can afford, if your personal life is suffering on account of it or if you can’t stop thinking about it, you probably have a problem.

This is the time when you need to seek help from your closest people and accept that you need to do something about your problem. Take some time off in an effort to take back control over your life. Don’t let something that was supposed to be fun take over your life and ruin it.

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